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Two Sided Reflective Hoop - Coin Flip

Two Sided (Coin Flip) Reflective Hoop

One face of the hoop is one reflective color and the other face is a different reflective color! Two sided reflective hoops are so amazing! The two reflective colors on each side really makes them pop in hoop dance videos.

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Budget Friendly LED Hoop Options

You will be amazed on how great these LED hoops look for the price. You can select from several LED designs.

The difference between our budget friendly hoops and our regular LED hoops are the number of LEDs we put inside the hoop. 

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Budget Friendly LED Hoop Options

Design Your Own Sectional Travel Hoop

Our sectional travel polypro hoops can be customized to fit your unique flow. You can select the number of colored sections, tubing size, diameter, and grip preference. Choose between a bare or smooth hoop, sand the inside, or select from our many different colors of gaffers tape.

Each hoop section comes with a push button connection and can be taken apart for easy travel. And all hoop sections are interchangeable! 

Design Your Own

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