Off-Body Doubles with Caterina Suttin

Your guide to mastering off-body double hula hoops!
Featured Instructor Caterina Suttin

Double Flow

Learn fun doubles variations, transitions, and drills to help you gain control and improve your doubles practice.
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Learn Doubles with
Caterina Suttin

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"These videos are fantastic! The gorgeous autumn scenery, and your sweet, calm way of speaking and explaining the moves, make them a true pleasure to watch! Thank you for all the work you obviously put into this course!"

Lesley Whitley

"Michele’s online hoop dance courses are so helpful for beginners, intermediate, and advanced hoopers! She really goes through each trick with great detail on hand, body, and hoop placement. Honestly, her tutorials are some of the best in the hooping community and I have learned so much from her. It is clear when you’re watching each lesson, that she has put so much work, thought, and heart into each course."​

Rachel Swanson

"She is such a great teacher and she’s super cute and inspiring and funny which also makes it awesome! Even if you are not new to hooping I would highly recommend taking this course!"

Molly Milano

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