Reflective Hoops - Red and Silver Glitter Reflective Hoop
Reflective Hoops - Red and Silver Glitter Reflective Hoop
Reflective Hoops - Red and Silver Glitter Reflective Hoop

Red and Silver Glitter Reflective Hoop

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Reflective hoops are so fun and their bright glow really makes them pop in hoop dance videos. This hoop has red high intensity reflective tape with clear silver glitter tape along edges! These reflective color morph hoops are so cool on their own and then the glitter tape on top is stunning!

Reflective hoops like this one do not glow to the naked eye, they glow when a light source is on them, like a camera flash, or lights from a concert! When the reflective tape is not glowing you still get the beautiful sparkly look from the glitter tape!

Each hoop at Autumn Flow is customized for you and our hoop smith takes great care to make each hoop special. You can include any additional requests or comments to our hoop smith in the additional requests field below.

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