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Daisy Dukes Beginner Hula Hoop

Daisy Dukes Beginner Hula Hoop

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This beginner hoop has cute daisy print duct tape with your color choice of electric tape.

Our gorgeous beginner hoops are custom made for you and are able to collapse to a quarter of its size for easy travel. You have the choice between three tubing options: standard, smaller and thinner, and workout.

Our standard beginner hoops are our most popular and they are great for beginners.

If you would like a lighter beginner hoop or if you intend to purchase the hoop for a child we recommend the smaller and thinner option.  

We also have a little heavier workout option that is great for workouts and people who prefer a heavier hoop.

Each hoop at Autumn Flow is customize for you and our hoop smith takes great care to make each hoop special. You can include any additional requests or comments to our hoop smith in the additional requests field below.

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