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Cosmic Charlie LED Hoop

We decided to create 3 hoop patterns out of just the color changing LEDs, and offer a less expensive option to our customers. These hoops come with 1 battery instead of 2 like many others, which also accounts for the price. If you'd like additional batteries you can purchase in the hoop options below.

The pattern on this hoop goes Fast-Fast-Fast-Slow. The strobing effect on the hoop is nice and dramatic. All of the pictures above are the same hoop at different points in time. Fun and flashy!! The fast color changing LEDs go back and forth with how fast they blink through the colors which make the hoop look really cool and active when it is just sitting there not even being used!

The LED hoop includes Velcro straps to collapse the hoop down to less than half its size for easy travel.

The sister hoop in this pair is our Cryptical Envelopment which goes opposite from this one so slow-slow-slow-Fast. The Cryptical Envelopment is more profound with all of the slow changing ones and has just a few fast ones adds a nice twinkle effect.

We also have the Slow Train Coming LED hoop. All slow color changing LEDs and stay in sync when first powered on then they slowly fall out of sync with each other which creates a cool effect.

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