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Cats Tail LED Hoop

This white LED hoop has both solid and strobe white LEDs. The hoop is wrapped in Orchid and UV pink firefly color morph tape that gives the tubing a beautiful color while letting all the light from the LEDs shine right through. The tape also makes the hoop gorgeous in the daytime especially in the sunlight!

This LED hoop is rechargeable and comes with 2 batteries and a wall charger. The hoop has a no-exterior switch design so you just drop the battery into the tubing. There are two push button hole connections.  When you snap the push button into the first connection the hoop is connected but not lit. To turn the hoop on snap the push button into the second connection and the hoop lights up!

The LED hoop includes Velcro straps to collapse the hoop down to less than half its size for easy travel.

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