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Bad Witch Wizard of Oz Series of Reflective Hoops

This hoop is so gorgeous and so green! Green like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. You don't have to be bad to enjoy this hoop! It is absolutely stunning both to the naked eye and to the camera flash with its green reflective tape, transparent green glitter tape, and black magic color shifting tape which cast beautiful rainbows in the sunlight.

The hoop doesn't glow to the naked eye, although it does glisten quite a bit in the sunlight. You get the intense glow when the camera flash or other light source is on the hoop. But even as a day hoop, the combination of the mirror tape, color shifting tape, and 3 reflective colors is just so darn pretty!

Each hoop at Autumn Flow is customized for you and our hoop smith takes great care to make each hoop special. You can include any additional requests or comments to our hoop smith in the additional requests field below.

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