LED Mini Hoops
LED Mini Hoops - Bali Blossoms
LED Mini Hoops - Bird Song
LED Mini Hoops - Born Cross Eyed
LED Mini Hoops - Born on the Wrong Planet
LED Mini Hoops - China Cat Sunflower
LED Mini Hoops - Desert Dawn
LED Mini Hoops - Eyes of the World
LED Mini Hoops - Fire on the Mountain
LED Mini Hoops - Justo's Wings
LED Mini Hoops - Lazy Lighting
LED Mini Hoops - Melt Your Face
LED Mini Hoops - Midnight
LED Mini Hoops - Midnight Moonlight
LED Mini Hoops - Moon
LED Mini Hoops - Moonlight
LED Mini Hoops - One Love
LED Mini Hoops - Purple Rain
LED Mini Hoops - River Trance
LED Mini Hoops - Scarlet Begonias
LED Mini Hoops - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
LED Mini Hoops - Spaced Ship
LED Mini Hoops - Stella Blue
LED Mini Hoops - Strawberry Fields
LED Mini Hoops - Sugar Magnolia
LED Mini Hoops - Sun
LED Mini Hoops - Sunshine Daydream
LED Mini Hoops - Terrapin Station
LED Mini Hoops - Valley of the Jig
LED Mini Hoops - Viola Lee Blues

Mini LED Hoops - Pick Two Designs

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Our beautiful mini LED hoops are known to be some of the best available and are custom made for you. These mini LED hoops are sold as a pair and you can select from our many different designs.

You can perform poi-style moves such as isolations, weaves, flowers, tosses and more with these minis.

Our mini LED hoops are rechargeable and comes with 2 batteries (1 for each hoop) and a wall charger. The hoop has a no-exterior switch design so you just drop the battery into the tubing. There are two push button hole connections. When you snap the push button into the first connection the hoop is connected but not lit. To turn the hoop on snap the push button into the second connection and the hoop lights up!

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The turnaround time for orders can be up to 1-2 weeks for orders inside the United States and are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.

For international orders we offer USPS First-Class Package International Service. This service provides customers with low international shipping rates. The average delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks and the customer is responsible for any applicable import duties, sales tax and fees by their country.
Each hoop is handcrafted and custom made for you. All hoop orders are final after 48 hours from purchase. We will always do our best to accommodate updates; however, due to the nature of our hoops being custom made for you we may not be able to make changes to your order after 48 hours after your purchase.

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