Yay, they're back! Customizable LED Hula Hoops!

Hello Beautiful Souls,

The Autumn Flow team is so happy to announce that LED hula hoops are now back in stock! After a long break due to an injury (not my tailbone, a different injury... can we get a break around here!?) our expert Hoopsmiths, Michelle & Joe Guzzo, are back to making LED hula hoops.

We offer fully customizable, handcrafted LED hoops to fit your budget and your flow.LED HOOPS at Autumn Flow

You choose the tubing type, diameter, grip preferences, batteries and if you want a counterbalance. For some hoops you can opt for a specific tubing color but if that's not your game, all hoops come standard with white HDPE tubing or translucent polypro tubing for no extra charge - your choice! 

The ProSeries LED Hoops start at $85 and include a variety of beautiful multicolored options!

The UV LED Series comes with UV tubing, for brilliant day-time hooping that will transition into a beautiful light show at night. 

The LED Monochromatic Series means just that- one color throughout the whole hoop! Perfect for making a clean visual statement while keeping the focus on your flow. 

Starting at $62.99, the Budget LED Hoop Series offers Autumn Flowers an affordable option. With 10-12 LEDs per hoop instead of the regular amount. 

Mini LED Hoops? We got you! Sold as a pair, choose from 18-23 inches for your perfect mini hoop flow. We even have a mix n' match option.

Check out my Youtube channel to see more of the LED hoops in action. I have a whole playlist! 

 As always, message the AF team from the website or any social media account with questions, we're here to help on your hoop journey! 

Do Your Day, Beautiful Souls!

- Michele

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