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Ways to access your online hoop dance courses

May 16, 2018

Online Hoop Dance Course

I never leave home without my hoops. Exploring the outdoors and going on adventures with my hoops is one of my very favorite things so I feel that having my online courses accessible on the go is very important!

You can learn more about my online courses including my Learn to Hoop Dance and Refresh Your Flow courses by clicking here.


You can access my hoop dance courses on any desktop with internet access. You are able to stream and download all the videos in the course. You'll want to bookmark There is a online courses link on the homepage.


You can access my courses on your smart phone by using the internet app on your smart phone.


You are able to watch and download videos from the course using the Teachable Online Courses iPhone app too.

  • Access all your content from the course
  • Stream videos while on the go
  • View course content offline after visiting the course once while connected
  • Pick up where you left off: your course progress is automatically sync between the iPhone app and your web browser.
  • Easy jump from lecture to lecture and between course

Downloading the iPhone App

  • Go to the App Store on your device
  • Search for Teachable (or simply click this link to be redirected to the page in the app store).
  • Click the Get button. Click Install. Enter your Apple ID password or Touch ID if prompted.

Note: The Teachable iOS app is compatible and optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is available, but has not been optimized, for the iPad. Also note that the Teachable iOS app requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Using the iPhone App

  • After downloading the app, open the app by selecting the Teachable icon (teal and white "t") from your iOS home-screen.
  • As a new iOS app user, you will be brought to the login screen.
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your Autumn Flow account.
  • Upon successful login, you will be brought to all your current school and course enrollments accessible through myTeachable.
  • Select the course you wish to view, which will bring you inside the course area, where you can start to work through your hoop dance content.

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