The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback

Hello Beautiful Souls! 

Michele here with a 2 month update on My Healing Journey. I honestly had no idea I would STILL be making videos about this tailbone injury at the two month mark, but just like in hooping and yoga, I am trying to have respect for my body and for the process. 

My healing is not just physical; mentally and emotionally this injury has caused me to begin reflecting daily on what I am thankful for in my gratitude journal. The bullet journaling method especially has allowed me to organize my life and my goals (gotta find something do when I'm sitting all day!) Between my therapist, reading How to Heal Yourself, creating a meditation space in my room, cutting out inflammatory foods, and spending quiet solitude in nature again, this healing journey is as much mental as it is physical.

Around the 4 week mark I started moving more, but my pain levels shot up, so I had to scale back again. I really beat myself up for this setback, I just so desperately want to be better.

At 8 weeks I went to the hospital for an MRI, because although the type of pain has changed, full healing is elusive. A big update about the results of the MRI are coming! 

I miss hooping, yoga and sharing my movement practice with all of you! But I am working to reframe this injury as an opportunity to dive into new practices. I have been reading more, working in my vegetable garden with my kids, stepping back from social media, and journaling so much more. 

Watch the whole video on my Youtube channel for full details about my new hobbies, the doctor's appointments, and my healing practices.

Do Your Day, Beautiful Souls!

- Michele

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