Spinsanity Flowdown 2021

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I didn't attend Spinsanity Flowdown this year, but some of our team members did! Kylee was there to be the Team Choreographer and you may have spotted Hannah, who was enjoying and learning!

Check out Kylee's full performance!



Spinsanity Flowdown is a special event, it was established to fill a gap in the hoop community around friendly competition. It's an opportunity to expand your abilities, compete for community records, and not only perform onstage, but receive encouraging feedback from judges so you can improve! It's so uplifting and exhilarating, and it happens at the beautiful Eaton County Fairgrounds in Michigan. 

2 years ago I taught my own workshop and filmed this lovely video:

I can't wait to return in future years and hoop in this meadow again! 

Do Your Day,


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