Somewhere Over the Rainbow LED Hoop Review

The Somewhere Over the Rainbow LED Hoop is really beautiful and features colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The red, orange, and yellow LEDs are dot strobes so they leave a dotted trail when spinning. Then we do the green, blue, and violet LEDs as solid colors that leave a solid trail. The combination makes for a really beautiful visual effect as you can see in the photos and the video below.

LED Hoops - Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Autumn Flow  LED Hoops - Somewhere Over the Rainbow LED Hoop | Autumn Flow

The LED hoop is rechargeable and comes with 2 batteries and a wall charger. The hoop has a no-exterior switch design so you just drop the battery into the tubing. There are two push button hole connections. When you snap the push button into the first connection the hoop is connected but not lit. To turn the hoop on snap the push button into the second connection and the hoop lights up!

Since each hoop is custom made, you can improvise on the design if you want a certain color out completely or replaced with another color. One customer replaced orange with white and replaced red for pink and it looked really cool!

You can choose from different options when selecting your LED hoop and have it custom built for you.

 Tubing Type Polypro

 Polypro 3/4 Inch (Most Common)
11/16 Inch
5/8 Inch

HDPE 3/4 Inch
5/8 Inch

 Diameter Custom for you. 32 Inch is a popular size

 Grip Preference Smooth / Bare
Sand the inside
Gaffers tape along the inside edge of hoop

 Gaffers Tape Colors Black, Blue, UV Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Gray, UV Green, UV Orange, UV Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White, UV Yellow
Batteries 2 Batteries and a Wall Charger
Add 2 Extra LED batteries
Counterbalanced Yes or No

The LED hoop includes Velcro straps to collapse the hoop down to less than half its size for easy travel.

We have some great resources to help you learn how to select your hoop including: How to Pick Your First Polypro Hoop and How to Pick Your First LED Hoop (coming soon) videos on our blog. You can also message me on Instagram, Facebook or email me at 

You can design your own Somewhere Over the Rainbow LED Hoop by clicking here.

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