Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective Hoop

The Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective Hoop is so cool in action and the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a red reflective tape hoop with alternating segments of green and yellow tape. You get an intense glow with a camera flash or other light source is on the hoop. Then during the day the hoop has its own unique beauty.

This hoop was designed by Autumn Flow’s Founder Michele McCoy and was put together by ShelLED Hoops. The Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective Hoop can be made with polypro or HDPE tubing and comes with a layer of clear protective tape.

To get the brightest glow from your reflective hoop use dim lighting, keep the flash on your video device on and stay near the camera. Slightly angling your video device down can also help intensify your reflective hoop.

Take a look at The Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective in action in the video below.

Get a custom made Rastafarian Sunshine Reflective Hoop made for you by clicking here.

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