New Youtube Video: Hoop Duo K-roll Pop Pass Tutorial

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today on my Youtube channel I am joined by my best friend Nissa for a special partner hooping trick called the Duo K-roll Pop Pass! Grab your hoop bff and practice with us. Eye contact and communication with your partner is a must for this trick.

Helpful prerequisites for this trick are the K-Roll and Continuous K-Roll. This latest video also quickly reviews those two essential skills. If you have the K-roll down, skip ahead to 4:00 in the video below for how to pop the hoop.

Here's the breakdown: 

  • Lean back while popping the hoop
  • Keep your lower hand higher before you pop so the hoop goes up!
  • Open up your hand to create a shelf much like a chest roll pop
  • Decide which hoop passes in front and which passes in back to avoid colliding midair.
  • Aim your hoops & maintain eye contact to communicate with your partner!
  • For the continuous K-roll, make sure you match the momentum of your hoop partner.

How far can you pop the hoop? How high can you make it go? This is such a fun, timed trick to learn with your friend. As you practice more you'll sync with your partner and unlock a world of possibilities in transitions into and out of this trick! We filmed this in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which is truly a stunning place. Highly recommend for any of you looking for a nice outdoor vacation spot!

P.S. If you can't get enough of K-rolls, you can check out more in depth tutorials through my online courses. Feel free to message me with any questions about this trick or the online courses. 

Thank you for watching & do your day!

- Michele 

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