New Tubing! UV Smithsonite Polypro Hula Hoop

Hello Beautiful Souls! 
Inspired by the beautiful mineral Smithsonite, Autumn Flow's new polypro tubing is a pearly UV hoop with the signature light blueish-green color of its namesake.
Smithsonite Polypro Hoop
In nature, Smithsonite's blue-green color denotes the presence of copper. Due to its softness and rareness, this stone is not often used in jewelry (but does inspire a beautiful hoop!) Smithsonite is said to impart harmony, joy, compassion, and brings out your inner-child. Relatively rare in nature, significant deposits of this stone have been found Australia, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, Italy, Greece, Spain and at the historic Kelly Mine in New Mexico.
Smithsonite Rock
Have questions about the UV Smithsonite Polypro Hoop? Reach out! Michele and the team will help you find the perfect customized hoop.

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