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Multi Morph Taped Hoop

April 05, 2018

Taped Hoops - Multi Morph | Autumn Flow

These hoops are so fun! Our Hoop Smith mixes up all the color shifting tapes into segments so that no one section of the hoop is the same.

The design of the Multi Morph Taped Hoop is flexible. You can have repeating sections or have us remove certain colors. Let us know what you would like in the “additional requests” section. If no additional requests are made we will decide on the colors and make you a beautiful hoop.

Taped Hoops - Multi Morph | Autumn Flow  Taped Hoops - Multi Morph | Autumn Flow

You can choose from different options when selecting your taped hoop and have it custom built for you.

 Tubing Type Polypro

 Polypro 3/4 Inch (Most Common)
11/16 Inch
5/8 Inch

HDPE 3/4 Inch
5/8 Inch

 Diameter Custom for you. 32 Inch is a popular size

 Options Clear protective tape - Included
Clear protective tape + gaffer grip tape to inner edge

 Gaffers Tape Colors Black, Blue, UV Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, Gray, UV Green, UV Orange, UV Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White, UV Yellow

The LED hoop includes Velcro straps to collapse the hoop down to less than half its size for easy travel.

Taped Hoops - Multi Morph Taped Hoop Taped Hoops - Multi Morph Taped Hoop  Taped Hoops - Multi Morph Taped Hoop

We have some great resources to help you learn how to select your hoop including: How to Pick Your First Polypro Hoop. You can also message me on Instagram, Facebook or email me at


You can design your own Multi Morph Taped Hoop by clicking here.

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