My Yoga Progress - 5 Months

Hello Beautiful Souls!

A little over 5 months ago I felt a calling to incorporate yoga and stretching into my life. It has been an incredible journey since and I know I am just getting started. I never expected to see such an enormous change but consistency really makes the difference. As the yogis say, "Practice and all is coming."


Yoga has even become a family hobby and it makes my mama heart so proud! Especially during the quarantine months, having this family activity helped keep me and my boys a little more grounded and calm. 

Check out my 5 month yoga flow video on my Youtube channel and check out my Instagram for more yoga (and lots of hooping!) posts. Yoga is having an incredible effect on my hooping and opening up my ability to do tricks I couldn't access before! 


Since filming this video I actually suffered a fall while hiking. Stay tuned for more updates on My Healing Journey and how yoga is helping me heal.

Namaste & Do Your Day!

- Michele




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