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January 18, 2018

How to Hoop Dance - Autumn Flow

Hoop dance is a low-impact full-body workout that's enjoyed by many different cultures and people of all ages throughout the world. Hooping increases your core strength, flexibility and coordination while keeping you engaged and smiling.

Hooping can improve your balance, recharge your energy levels and ultimately provide you with a refreshing tool to improve your overall health and maintain a rewarding active lifestyle.

In addition to its physical benefits, hooping cultivates a meditative state of mind, creative self-expression and inner peace. Through freedom of movement and crazy addictive fun, hoop dance will leave you feeling liberated and craving more!

As a brand new beginner hooper having an organized easy to follow hoop dance guide would have been extremely helpful in improving my practice and progression. This also would have saved me countless hours of sifting through online videos and other resources! So I made this course just for you.

In my Learn to Hoop Dance Online Course we will cover everything you need to begin your hoop journey including all the foundational moves of hoop dance, how to find your own unique style of hoop flow, combos and fun sequences. You'll also get practice tips, progress pointers, and tons of bonus tricks!

I have poured my heart and soul into this course. I'm so excited to walk through this journey together and have you discover all that hoop dance has to offer.


Class Curriculum

 Section One - Getting Started
How to use this Course
I would love to connect with you
Ways to access this course
What is Hoop Dance and What are its Benefits?
My Personal Hoop Journey
Types of Hoops and How to choose your first one
Learning Currents, Planes and Foundational Hoop Moves
Practice Tips & Progress Pointers
Section Two - Foundational Hoop Dance Moves & Associated Tricks
Lesson 1 > Part 1 > Waist Hooping
Lesson 1 > Part 2 > Lasso & Passing around the Body
Lesson 1 > Part 3 > Stir the Pot
Lesson 1 > Part 4 > The Drop Down
Lesson 2 > Part 1 > Isolations
Lesson 2 > Part 2 > Isolated Barrel Roll
Lesson 2 > Part 3 > Coin Flip
Lesson 2 > Part 4 > Isopop
Lesson 2 > Part 5 > Extension & Isolation Extensions
Lesson 3 > Front / Forward Weave
Lesson 4 > Part 1 > Basic Jump In
Lesson 4 > Part 2 > Weave Jump Through
Lesson 5 > Part 1 > Rainbow Toss
Lesson 5 > Part 2 > Tuck Toss
Lesson 5 > Part 3 > Pizza Toss
Lesson 6 > Chest Rolls & Back Rolls
Lesson 7 > Shoulder Hooping
Lesson 8 > Leg Hooping
Lesson 9 > Part 1 > Escalator
Lesson 9 > Part 2 > Reverse Escalator & Escalator Breaks
Section Three - Bonus Hoop Dance Tricks
Lesson 10 > Vortex
Lesson 11 > One-Handed Vortex / Floats
Lesson 12 > The Revolving Door
Lesson 13 > Walk the Dog
Lesson 14 > Body Wrap
Lesson 15 > Folds
Lesson 16 > Mandala
Lesson 17 > Helicopter
Lesson 18 > Wedgie
Lesson 19 > Double Arm Criss Cross
Lesson 20 > Foot Hooping
Lesson 21 > Elbow Hooping
Lesson 22 > Elbow Passes - Front and Back
Lesson 23 > Sustained Spinning
Lesson 24 > Behind the neck pass/toss
Lesson 25 > Over the Head Hand Spins
Lesson 26 > Breaks & Paddles
Lesson 27 > When you drop the hoop
Section Four - Tying it all Together
Lesson 28 > How to find your flow
Lesson 29 > Part 1 > Beginners Combos & Sequences > Coin Flip Combo
Lesson 29 > Part 2 > Beginner Combos & Sequences > Escalator Sequence
Lesson 29 > Part 3 > Beginner Combos & Sequences > Weave Sequence
Closing Video

To learn more about the course you can click here.

Happy Hooping!

Michele McCoy

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