Kylee Johnson Sponsored Hooper

Kylee Johnson Sponsored Hooper

Hey fellow hoopers!

My name is Kylee Johnson and i am a performing hula hoop dancer from Michigan. I began my hoop journey just over a year ago, and it all began when I saw a video on instagram of a girl hooping. As soon as I saw it, something inside of me lit up. I ordered my first hoop that day, and learned from watching tutorials, and people's flow videos online. Little did I know that there was a huge loving and supportive community attached to this beautiful form of art that I had no idea about. I am so passionate about hooping, and pushing myself to learn, grow and create within my circle. I have utterly shocked myself with how much i have grown just by putting the time and effort in, and i am so excited to see what my future holds.

I am honored and grateful to be sponsored by Autumn Flow, to represent such an amazing company, and to be a part of the wonderful family!! 

Kylee Johnson Sponsored Hooper

Kylee Johnson
Sponsored Hooper
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  • Shannon

    She’s awesome!

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