Happy World Hoop Day!

It's World Hoop Day! Today we celebrate these plastic circles that have changed our lives so deeply. From discovering new abilities, to stepping into our potential as teachers, leaders, business owners, social media figures, hooping has a tendency to change every aspect of our lives. That's the real magic of it, after all. It is a simple hobby that turns us into professional performers, video producers, instructors, clothing makers, the list goes on! 

How has hooping brought magic into your life? 

Perhaps the biggest influence for me is the connection, the friendships, and the collaborations! Like the online courses created alongside Hula Hooping Hannah and Katie Sunshine. It really is about the community. 

By the way, these courses are on sale for the Flowtober Sale! Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Take a few minutes today to connect to your hoop, commit to learning something new, or go outside and enjoy the crisp air. Love you!

Do Your Day,


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