Gently Returning To My Movement Meditations

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I never imagine my road to recovery from this tailbone injury would be so long... unfortunately I found out from an MRI that my sacrum is FRACTURED! No wonder that fall hurt so much, I actually broke my sacrum, not just bruised my tailbone like originally thought. This news was not easy to hear. However despite this setback, I did receive some good news recently.

I finally met with my orthopedic and pain management doctors and got the go ahead to return to my movement and Hoop Dance. While of course being mindful of not using my sit bone, jumping, avoiding many yoga poses and hooping moves... anything that would irritate my fractured sacrum and increase my pain. Not over doing it. It feels good to move my body again but I’ve lost so much strength, flexibility, balance, and hooping skills. It’s so frustrating and discouraging! When this accident happened I had just turned a corner in my yoga practice, the progress was visible in photos and I was amazing myself with a level of flexibility I didn't know I even had inside me. 

Now I'm just trying to look forward and not backward. But I can't help but wonder, what does it mean for me (and this injury) that yoga is an inner journey that uses physical poses to achieve a deeper goal of self understanding? How can I approach my practice in a way that does not judge what my body can/can't do? Gratitude for being better than I was yesterday is key. And for now, that is all I can focus on. 

Thank you for reading and I'm sending healing vibes to everyone dealing with injury and illness. One day at a time, beautiful souls!

 Do Your Day,

- Michele

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