Beginner Twin Sequence Tutorial: New on Youtube!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome back! Last week the boys and I took a hike to a natural spring that bubbles up from a bluff in the heart of Mark Twain National Forest. These outdoor adventures keep my soul thriving and my mind balanced. As Coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and we can cautiously venture outdoors, I am even more thankful for my connection to the natural world.

Join me at the beautiful Falling Spring Mill for this Beginner Twin Hoops Sequence. There are ZERO prerequisites for this trick! Take some time to connect with your hoops today (in nature if you can!) and try out this beginner sequence. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see!


I’m using a pair of the Mirror Gold ¾ Taped Polypro Hoops at 34” in diameter. Look how the sunlight catches them! These hoops are available on the Autumn Flow website.

Thank you for watching and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, the Autumn Flow team is here for you.

Do your day!


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