Bali Blossoms LED Hoop

This gorgeous LED hoop was the result of a lovely customer designing a hoop for her best friend. She showed our Hoop Smith pictures of flowers from Bali and together they worked out this perfect design. This hoop features turquoise, pink, and purple.

We love to customize hoops for our customers. The Bali Blossoms LED Hoop is available in both polypro or HDPE tubing. You can choose different grip preferences including: smooth/bare, sand the inside or gaffers tape along the inside edge.

This LED hoop is rechargeable and comes with 2 batteries and a wall charger. The hoop has a no-exterior switch design so you just drop the battery into the tubing. There are two push button hole connections.  When you snap the push button into the first connection the hoop is connected but not lit. To turn the hoop on snap the push button into the second connection and the hoop lights up!

On our site you'll always have an option to include a note to our Hoop Smith if you would like to make any additional requests so that we can make your hoop unique and special to you.

Hoop: Bali Blossoms LED Hoop 

Customer Reviews

"THIS HOOP IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING FOR SUCH A GOOD PRICE. The hoop and the owner of the shop are amazing. She worked with me to get it to me on a time limit and I got to blow peoples minds with this hoop at Global Dance! Great work and great customer service! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN." - Kiley Kleinstuber

"So beautiful! Thank you" - Jessica Weaver

"Wish I had a picture to attach, but I got the Bali Blossoms LED Hoop, it is perfect!" - Laurel Villegas

To customize your own Bali Blossoms LED Hoop click here.

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