Autumn Flow Hoop Challenge - September 2019

Hello beautiful flow friends!

I’m super excited to announce that Autumn Flow will be hosting our very first hoop challenge on Instagram, hosted by our six lovely Autumn Flow Sponsored Hoopers.

The intention of this hoop challenge is to give participants an opportunity to deepen your connection to your hoop, learn new fun techniques and tricks, receive uplifting feedback, harness your creative potential, and reignite the joy factor of hooping. Not to mention the awesome hoop prizes 🙂.

Hoop Challenge Guidelines for Participants

  • Follow all Instagram profiles below

Michele McCoy | Instagram
blissfully_me | Instagram
moni_the_hooper | Instagram
cometdancerr | Instagram
tiffanytigerlily | Instagram
sam__cham | Instagram
kireeeeee | Instagram

  • Set your Instagram profile to public
  • Post one video on Instagram per challenge with the hashtag #AutumnFlowIGchallenge
  • Tag two friends that you'd like to see participate

On October 2nd two participants will be chosen at random to receive a FREE Autumn Flow Reflective Hoop of their choice. 😍

I can’t wait to connect with you all and watch your flow grow and flourish during this challenge!

Michele McCoy
Autumn Flow

Hoop Challenge - September 2019

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