30 Hoop Toss Moves

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Today on my YouTube Channel we are talking hoop tosses! There are so many variations of hoop tosses, here are 30 you can try that will get your creativity flowing.

  1. Basic Vertical Toss
  2. Spinning Vertical Toss
  3. Twirling Toss
  4. Under the Arm Toss
  5. Cartwheel Toss
  6. Tuck Toss
  7. Knee Toss
  8. Basic Horizontal Toss
  9. Anti-Flower Toss
  10. Ghosting Toss
  11. Backwards Jump Through Toss
  12. Universal Weave Toss
  13. Handspin Toss
  14. Elbow Toss
  15. Under the Leg Toss
  16. Dirty Pizza Toss
  17. Rainbow Toss
  18. Pizza Toss
  19. Behind the Back Juggle Toss Variations
  20. K-Roll Toss
  21. Chest Sweep Toss
  22. Behind the Head Toss
  23. Foot Toss
  24. Vortex Toss
  25. Toss Bounce
  26. Front Weave Toss
  27. Foot Hooping Toss
  28. Isolation Extension Toss
  29. Infinity Toss Variation
  30. Coin Flip Toss

PHEW! It was way too windy while filming this one!

What new toss variations have you come up with? If you create a new one or nail one featured in this video be sure to tag me @michelemccoy on Instagram so I can see :D

Thanks for watching.
Do your day, beautiful souls!

Michele McCoy

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