🍁 The Autumn Flowtober Sale 🍁

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to October, this is a special month for so many reasons! Not only does this magical fall foliage month start tonight with a full moon, but it ends on All Hallow's Eve on a full moon! On top of that, I am about to reach 10,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, which fills my heart, I can't even describe it. I still get new comments on my 0-7 months hooping journey video by viewers who are inspired, want to learn, or have just started their hoop journey. So, how to celebrate?

By sharing the hoop love of course! The Autumn Flow shop is doing a special month-long sale, new sales popping up every few days, new content on Youtube to celebrate our favorite season, and special offers for our email list subscribers. (Sign up for the email list if you haven't yet, I promise it's worth it!)

2020 has been such a challenge for all of us and the only way I've been able to get through it is to focus on grounding myself, meditating on my healing journey, and redefining self care. The full moon is a powerful time for us to set intentions and put our manifestations out into the world. So tonight and this month I will be meditating on the health of our world, the health of the planet, and my own health.

 I invite you to think about your intentions for the month. Maybe it's time for you to get outside more and spend time in nature, maybe it's time to refresh your flow, upgrade to a new hoop, or work on that new idea you have. Whatever your goal, hoop or otherwise, I'm here to support you on your journey. Reach out if you have any questions!

Do your day, Beautiful Souls! 

- Michele

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