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Hello Beautiful Souls! 

Happy Autumn Equinox! Fall is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere and this is my favorite time of year. I feel so deeply connected to nature, to myself, and to my flow when I'm surrounded by fall colors- it's why I named my company Autumn Flow! 

The falling leaves remind us that change is natural, that everything changes. As the world changes around us, how can we find stillness and peace in each moment? How can we connect to each moment of flow and embrace change in our own lives? This Autumn I encourage you to take your hoop, get outside, and flow to the sounds around you. You'll be amazed what you discover. In stillness and meditation our true self comes forward. 🍁🍂🍁🍂

To celebrate Autumn take 20% off our Signature Series (yes, that includes the LED!) Discount applied at checkout.

Do Your Day!

- Michele

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